Contemporary Classic’s New Music


  1. Ross From Friends – Pale Blue Dot

British producer Ross From Friends is dropping his debut record, Family Portrait, this Friday. The lead single, ‘Project Cybersyn’ was an all-out deep house creeper. While the new single begins in its predecessor’s eerie vein, ‘Pale Blue Dot’ thankfully returns to the producer’s groovy, chilled roots. The back half of the track is magic, as it slowly settles into jittery percussion and charming piano chords.


Woah! This is BROCKHAMPTON’s most chaotic track yet. ‘1998 Truman’ sees the hip-hop boy-band borrowing some shit-show tropes from industrial metal-rap group Death Grips. The production on ‘1998 Truman’ is in BROCKHAMPTON’s characteristic alternative hip-hop style, but it goes a bit harder than usual. Merlyn’s screaming opening verse is energy-packed and the rest of the track continues with his enthusiasm.

  1. Chance The Rapper – I Might Need Security

Pretty quick, it’s obvious ‘I Might Need Security’ is the hardest hitting track among Chance’s recent series of singles. The ‘fuck you’ sample and abstract Arthur meme cover art are early indications at an all-time great dis track. Throughout the song, the Chicago rapper announces his acquisition of blog Chicagoist, calls for the resignation of Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel and an investigation into police murder. Damn.

  1. Billie Eilish – you should see me in a crown

As early as last year, Billie Eilish was basically unheard of. Now, she’s already singing about wearing a crown, and that’s fair play – she’s now one of the biggest popstars in the world. Her glamorously dark style is at play on ‘you should see me in a crown’, a cleverly produced track with a threatening beat that pounces in the chorus.

  1. POLOSHIRT – ‘Too Good To Be True (feat. Price J)’

While initially feeling apprehensive about the collab between Winston Surfshirt and Polographia, this project has exceeded all expectations. The POLOSHIRT EP is a winner. ‘Too Good To Be True’ embodies all that’s great about the project – smooth soul-influenced electro-pop and Winston’s swaggering vocal delivery. It provides a conundrum for the trio – is this a once off release, or will they continue it in the future? 

Check out the full playlist below:

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