Contemporary Classic’s New Music



The great flute revival continues. ‘Mask Off’, ‘Passionfruit’, ‘Praise The Lord’ and now ‘1999 WILDFIRE’. This joint is classic BROCKHAMPTON – interchanging verses from the various members of the group and unique, alternative and relaxed production. There’s nobody else in hip-hop doing BROCKHAMPTON are doing and fuck they do it well.

  • Last Dinosaurs – ‘Eleven’

Building towards their third album, the Brisbane band’s new single is a rollicking bit of indie-pop, borrowed straight from The Strokes handbook. And Last Dinosaurs do the seminal garage-rockers proud. The quartet might not be adding anything to the indie-pop conversation, but ‘Eleven’ is just straight-up fun. Boppy, danceable fun.

  • Braille Face – ‘Fallen’

This Melbourne artist is very hard to pin down. Just two months after releasing the Lightletting EP, Braille Face – project of Jordan White – has followed it up with the companion ep Malheureux, featuring the stunning track ‘Fallen’. A dreamy bed of synths, pattering percussion, puffs of brass and White’s vocals make ‘Fallen’ fantastic.

  • Woodes – ‘Change My Mind’

Just months after releasing her third EP, Woodes gives us a bit of a contrast from the ethereal electronica that we’ve come to expect. ‘Change My Mind’ is more reliant on conventional instruments and it’s a welcome change-up. There’s still a warm electronic-driven crescendo throughout the chorus, but it feels fresh for the multi-talented Melburnian.

  • MUTO – ‘Cloud Party’

Finally, MUTO has delivered his debut EP, Arcane. At the heart of the seven-track release is this track, a collab with Antonia Rug, who provides the soothing vocal performance. Beneath her stunning delivery, MUTO’s production gradually builds until a ground-shaking climax of synths and claps.

Check the rest of the playlist out below:

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