Contemporary Classic’s New Music Selections


  • Beach House – ‘Black Car’

‘Black Car’ is another big tick for the new Beach House album, 7, due this coming Friday. It’s the fourth single from the Baltimore duo’s seventh record, following ‘Lemon Glow’, ‘Dive’ and ‘Dark Spring’.

The dream-pop band – consisting of Alex Scally and Victoria Legrand – never put a foot wrong, and ‘Black Car’ is no exception. The song begins mysteriously with a probing xylophone riff that continues to haunt the song throughout its duration. As with most Beach House tracks, ‘Black Car’ progressively builds, adding layers of synths and percussion until the song reaches its boiling point.

Legrand’s spooky vocal performance increases the mystique of ‘Black Car’, as she sings “I skipped a rock and it fell to the bottom.” Hmm… 

  • Childish Gambino – ‘This Is America’

 ‘This Is America’ is Childish Gambino’s first new music since the funkadelic odyssey Awaken, My Love, and it’s a massive departure in dynamic to say the least.

Under the Childish Gambino moniker, the multi-talented Donald Glover has largely crafted a career in the rap scene. It seems his last record was just a once-off venture, as he has returned to his hip-hop roots on ‘This Is America’.

Believed to be the first single from his upcoming fourth album, ‘This Is America’ and its accompanying video are lurid shots at the treatment of black Americans and the US’s gun violence epidemic.  “This is America / Don’t catch you slippin’ up / Look how I’m livin’ now / Police be trippin’ now.” What a way to make a statement.

  • DJ Koze – ‘Moving in a Liquid (feat. Eddie Fummler)’

In the last five years, German producer Stefan Kozadalla, better known as DJ Koze, has garnered huge attention, largely thanks to his sophomore record Amygdala, DJ mixes and remix compilations.  With Koze’s third studio album Knock Knock, he’s set to become a lot more popular.

Lead singles from the album in ‘Seeing Aliens’, ‘Illumination (feat. Roisin Murphy) and ‘Pick Up’ suggested the record would be something special, and it’s exactly that. Over 16 tracks, ‘Moving in a Liquid’ rises as a definite highlight, other than the aforementioned singles.

The aptly-titled ‘Moving in a Liquid’ features the liquidy-modified vocals of Eddie Fummler, but the track best represents everything great about Knock Knock. Hypnotic, disco-infused techno beats with strange, dissonant noise breaks that keep the song from tedium.

Check out more of the week’s best new music in the playlist below:

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