All this week’s best tunes and the news that came with them. 

  • Sydney group DMA’S have released their first song of 2018, a stripped-back slacker guitar tune entitled ‘In The Air’. With it, DMA’S announced their sophomore record, For Now, due for release 27 April via I OH YOU. The album is produced by The Presets member Kim Moyes and follows on from DMA’S debut, 2016’s Hills End, a hugely successful record that attracted the indie band attention across the globe.

  • Melbourne’s Courtney Barnett has made her long-awaited solo return with the catchy ‘Nameless, Faceless’. Barnett has been busy since her huge debut album Sometimes I Sit and Think, Sometimes I Just Sit, collaborating with Kurt Vile on last year’s record Lotta Sea Lice. ‘Nameless, Faceless’ acts as the lead single for her sophomore album, Tell Me How You Really Feel, dropping 18 May through Barnett’s label Milk! Records.

  • Baltimore duo Beach House are working at their follow up to their 2015 record Depression Cherry. In the meantime, the indie-pop band shared ‘Lemon Glow’, the first single from the album. The song is a dreamy electronic driven number, a great way to increase anticipation around their forthcoming project.

  • LA-based artist Sasha Spielberg, Stephen Spielberg’s daughter, has released her debut single, ‘Coolhand’, under Buzzy Lee. The Nicholas Jaar-produced aptly-titled cool electronic-pop number is the first song from Buzzy’s upcoming EP, Facepainting, out on 27 April on Future Classic. 

  • Sydney duo The Presets have shared 2018’s most banging track so far in ’14U+14ME’. With it, the electronic pair announced their forthcoming fourth studio album, HI VIZ. The long-awaited follow up to 2013’s Pacifica features a wide-range of talent from DMA’S to Touch Sensitive to Alison Wonderland. As mentioned earlier, The Presets member Kim Moyes has been working with DMA’S on their upcoming album, so the left-collaboration should come as no surprise. The Presets previously unveiled the pub-techno track ‘Do What You Want’, signalling a return to a more energetic and rave-cave friendly sound on HI VIZ. The new track only adds to that theory. 


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