The Internet Are A Must-See Band

Since their third release, 2015’s Grammy-nominated Ego Death, California band The Internet has become one of the most acclaimed “supergroups” throughout the world. Their journey to that title – “supergroup” – has only become relevant following the collective’s third album.

Generally, supergroups come together following acclaim on an individual or group project – think Them Crooked Vultures, Travelling Wilburys and Cream.

However, after Ego Death achieved world dominance, thanks in part to the surprise Grammy nomination, three members of the band delivered widely loved solo records. Wonder-kid guitarist Steve Lacy, synth player Matt Martians and lead vocalist Syd Tha Kyd’s individual projects brought The Internet even more into the limelight.

Now well and truly risen from the underground from which they began, The Internet is playing 2018’s St. Jerome’s Laneway Festival, finding the time for a sold-out Melbourne sideshow at The Forum.

The Internet’s second tour of Australia is an incredible spectacle to say the least. Dubbed The Internet Presents The Internet, the group performed across nearly two-hours, featuring songs from not only The Internet, but each of the band’s five members in Steve, Matt, Syd, Patrick Paige II and Christopher Smith.

The set began with two super smooth Ego Death tracks, ‘Under Control’ and ‘Gabby’, before the youngest of the group, Steve, took the reigns of The Internet Presents The Internet.

As represented in his contribution to The Internet, a centre-point of Steve’s solo work is the bright and joyous guitar slicks. On stage, it’s no different. Steve delivered three songs from his debut EP that perfectly encapsulated his catchy tunes – ‘Some’, ‘Ryd’ and ‘Dark Red’.

Following Steve’s input to the performance, The Internet reverted back to Ego Death for their sensual hit ‘Special Affair’, then further into their discography for the 2013 single ‘Dontcha’.

The Internet again veered off course to present the funky solo offerings of Matt and some unexpected contributions from Patrick and Christopher. Matt, with the help of the band, played out his kooky hits in ‘Diamond in da Ruff’ and ‘Dent Jusay’, which features Syd and Steve.

As Patrick, the group’s bassist, introduced his song, he also let the crowd in on the secret that he will be releasing his debut album in April – the fourth member of The Internet to do so. I’m expecting a great collection of songs too, as exemplified by his short contribution on Wednesday night.

Although ‘Just Sayin’ is an Ego Death track, Syd assumed the lead of the band again to get the crowd involved. Instructing everyone to bounce and yell the hook “you fucked up,” it was one of many highlights of the performance.

It was then Syd’s turn to steer the ship with her own solo stuff, performing two songs from her debut record Fin, ‘Body’ and the aptly titled emotional closer, ‘Insecurities’.

The time had come to wrap it up with three brilliant pieces from Ego Death. First up was a personal favourite and possibly The Internet’s most popular track, ‘Girl’. Although it’s not quite as effective on-stage compared to headphones, the slow-burner still left a glowing impression on the mesmerised audience.

If the sold-out Forum crowd had not been impressed prior to this point, they certainly would have been when The Internet closed the night out with ‘Curse’ and, more specifically, ‘Get Away’.

For ‘Get Away’, The Internet increased their energy, enticing the crowd to bounce along to this aggressive number. It was the perfect way to close out what was an A+ performance from the classy outfit.

If you’re getting along to any of the remaining Laneway Festivals, you’d be foolish not to go check out The Internet.

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