LISTEN: Tracks Of The Week

It’s here. LCD Soundsystem have finally released their hugely anticipated fourth album, american dream. There’s no doubting it’s one of the best records of the year already, and all 10 songs could have been featured in the Tracks Of The Week. Unfortunately I could only pick one…

In other music releases, Blue Mountains band Cloud Control released Zone, their third record on Friday, and ‘Panopticon’ is included in this week’s playlist. Also, Melbourne electronic duo SAATSUMA dropped their debut LP, Overflow.

There’s a bunch of singles worth a listen or 10 too. Aussie songstress Wafia shared another slow-burning single, ‘Bodies’. Electronic producer Mickey Kojak followed up his biggest hit to date ‘Save Your Breath’ with another ripper in ‘Ghost’.

There’s also new ORB, Cub Sport, George Maple, Yumi Zouma and Vallis Alps.

Track Of The Week: LCD Soundsystem – how do you sleep?

As mentioned earlier, any of the new LCD Soundsystem tracks could have been included in the playlist. However, ‘how do you sleep?’ was an instant standout on american dream.

It’s a 10-minute epic and may take some patience, but it is all the worthwhile. The drawn-out beginning of epic drums and LCD mastermind James Murphy‘s eerie vocals are an ear-catcher, particularly after the deep bass-lines on the tracks preceding this one. Once the classic LCD synths finally pierce through, you know it’s a winner. Then, with the introduction of a snappy drum beat, the perfect LCD song is complete.

Listen to the Tracks Of The Week below:

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