LISTEN: Tracks of the Week

This week has delivered a mixture of new and old artists releasing great music. The UK’s favourite folktronica outfit alt-J dropped their third album, indie-rock loyalty Arcade Fire put out the title track from their forthcoming record and Byron Bay’s best hippie band The Babe Rainbow released their debut album.

Track of the Week: Bus Vipers – CSIRO Weeds’

The Track of the Week goes to new Future Classic signing Bus Vipers with his track ‘CSIRO Weeds’. Bus Vipers is the moniker of Sydney multi-instrumentalist Daniel Ahern, whose new track will appear on his debut EP, Federal Highway. If ‘CSIRO Weeds’ is anything to go by, it should be a ripping record.

‘CSIRO Weeds’ consists of the soft and spacious vocals of Ahern over a strangely familiar indie-rock beat, before an odd gurgling, warping noise develops into the chorus. And the outro… well, it’s about as weird as the video. Check it out below, it may just be the oddest music video you’ll see this year.

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