LISTEN: Tracks of the Week

It’s far from the greatest week of new releases in music. However, there’s still numerous treats that were dropped this week, most notably new singles from Grizzly Bear, Phoenix and Royal Blood.

Track of the Week:

‘Big Fish’ – Vince Staples

Vince is back with his second single of the year in ‘Big Fish’, following on from February’s ‘BagBak’. The Long Beach rapper teased an image on his Instagram prior to the single’s release, as media publications speculated that it could be the release of a new album.

However, the date teased in the image was used to announce Vince’s sophomore record, The Big Fish Theory, accompanied by the somewhat-eponymous single ‘Big Fish’.

Vince has demonstrated a more energetic style on the two singles released from The Big Fish Theory. ‘Big Fish’ continues the new dynamic that ‘BagBak’ displayed, but in a better way. Showing off a bouncy hip-hop beat that will never tire, Juicy J’s hook is unbelievably catchy and won’t leave your head for at least 24 hours.

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