Today’s Listening: Surprise New EP From Nick Murphy

Australian artist Nick Murphy, formerly known as Chet Faker, has dropped a surprise EP – his first since updating his moniker to his own name. Missing Link consists of five tracks, including the smooth Kaytranada produced song ‘Your Time’, which was included in the Canadian’s 0.001% mixtape last year.

Missing Link is another continuation of the new sound that Murphy has developed since changing his moniker, making it quite understandable that he made the modification. On Murphy’s Facebook, he said the Missing Link EP is “a bridge between what’s out and what’s coming,” hence the title.

The EP is far from the relaxed neo-soul influence of his work under the Chet Faker name. Missing Link is mostly made up of experimental electronic cuts, particularly extended songs ‘Forget About Me’ and ‘Weak Education’. The enormous amount of layers in the tracks means the EP is a challenging listen and it may take a few full spins to get a complete grasp of what’s happening. After that, it’s a highly rewarding listen.

Hear the Missing Link EP below:

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