Polish Club: Alright Already – Album Review

Sydney band Polish Club go about music simply, in a world where the majority think being innovative is the only way to survive. Front-man David Novak leads the way with his hard-hitting vocals and guitar shredding, while John-Henry Pajak thrashes drums. The duo is proof there’s no need for all the bells and whistles; it’s just two men making short and sharp rock music.

When I say short and sharp, I mean it. Alright Already clatters for just 39 minutes, yet consists of a packed 14 tracks. Only six songs on the record run for longer than three minutes, and the shortest track, ‘Shark Attack!’ is done in 1:40. The running time of the songs on Polish Club’s debut is an indication of how the duo go about things. Polish Club don’t mess around. They don’t let the songs loiter; they’re tight and straight to the point. With just drums and guitar to work with, the songs would become tedious if they ran longer. But, because of the punchiness, Alright Already doesn’t tire.

Polish Club may be old-fashioned, but they’re innovative. Few bands, if any, are fusing ‘50s rockabilly with garage rock and getting away with it. The rockabilly influence is best exemplified by ‘Watchuknow’, a two-minute jam featuring a guitar riff that wouldn’t be out of place on a Beach Boys album. Alright Already closer ‘Red River Rock’ is also a representation of the ‘50s rock ‘n’ roll inspiration. The track is an awful accordion cover of the Johnny & The Hurricanes hit single, which really shouldn’t have a place on the album at all. There are bands like King Gizzard and Tame Impala drawing inspiration from late ‘60s-early ‘70s rock, but Polish Club are reaching even further back, reinvigorating ‘50s rockabilly.

Novak’s vocals are the definite highlight of Alright Already. Although Pajak’s drum bashing creates the immense sound and constant rocking, Novak’s pipes are the most striking element on the album. Novak tirelessly punches out huge chords on lead single ‘Come Party’, creating the most energetic and enjoyable chorus sing-along on Alright Already. The energy of Novak’s colossal voice is transported directly to listeners.

Alright Already is an absolute go to if you’re looking to get pumped. You will break out in a hot sweat. You will be overcome with energy. You won’t be able to sit still. So chuck on your blue suede shoes and have a swing to Alright Already.

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