Album of the Week: Pond – The Weather

Presenting Contemporary Classic’s Album of the Week: Pond’s new record, The Weather.

The Perth band are veterans now. The Weather is their seventh album, following on from 2015’s Man It Feels Like Space Again. Pond have proven they are one of the most prolific acts around at the moment, as they only released their debut record in 2009.

The Weather will definitely go down as Pond’s best effort yet. Tame Impala mastermind Kevin Parker produced the album, but we’re not going to talk about Parker, because Pond are their own band. They don’t need the ‘Tame Impala spin-off band’ label to gain success anymore, as their music is great enough to garner enough attention.

The Weather is menacing psych-pop. It jumps out at you with its booming synths and drum patterns. However, the lyrics tell another tale. The words of vocalist Nicholas Allbrook are dystopian and apocalyptic, casting a dark shadow over the colourful beats.

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