What’s Next For King Gizz?

Unstoppable Melbourne band King Gizzard and the Lizard have just released Flying Microtonal Banana, their ninth studio album in five years. It was the group’s first record of 2017, but, unlike most bands, Gizz are not stopping at the one album for the year. Instead, the band announced they will release a further FOUR albums this year alone.

Many popular bands don’t even release five albums in their entire careers, let alone five in one year. It’s absolute madness by the already prolific psych-rockers. However, it poses the question: what is to come on the next four albums?

Gizz fans will know that most of the band’s albums have had an individual direction and concept. For example, their second album Eyes Like The Sky was a spaghetti-Western audiobook and last year’s Nonagon Infinity was an infinite looping album, the final track seamlessly flows back into the opening song – supposedly the first album of its kind.

The seven-piece continued the trend with Flying Microtonal Banana; an exploration into microtonal tuning, where all the band members customised their instruments to become microtonal.

So, will each album they release this year be an individual concept? Based on comments from Gizz band members, it’s rather likely.

In an interview with triple j, Gizz’s Joey Walker explained he “can do really bad Gregorian throat singing,” before front-man Stu Mackenzie let slip on plans for one of the albums to come this year: “There’s going to be quite a lot of throat singing in our next record, actually.”

Interesting… So something like this?

Mackenzie went on to explain that “we’re actually making this record at the moment which is completely narrated throughout but it’s not related to Eyes Like The Sky at all. It’s kind of more related to Nonagon Infinity but it’s three distinct stories… kind of short stories that interlink but don’t follow in a linear sense. I think it’s going to be 21 tracks, so a lot of shorter pieces.”

It appears the album Mackenzie references in this quote is their forthcoming second album of 2017, which has no official details yet, apart from a title, Murder of the Universe, based upon this teaser video the band uploaded to Facebook recently:

Gizz’s first collaborative album also could be one of the remaining four albums this year. Speaking with NME, Mackenzie legitimised rumours of two albums that Gizz had in the works, including an album in cooperation with L.A. band Mild High Club.

“We finished the first one, Flying Microtonal Banana, a couple of months ago and have been working on two others since then. One’s kinda jazzy and is a collaboration with our buddies Mild High Club. The other is kinda heavy and has some ties with Nonagon Infinity.”

Gizz also gave fans an insight into the process behind the collaborative album with Mild High Club on Instagram:

View this post on Instagram

Making a record with @themildhighclub in Melb 🎷

A post shared by kinggizzard (@kinggizzard) on

Details of the release dates of Gizz’s further four albums of 2017 have not yet been uncovered. However, the quick-assuming official Gizz fan page on Facebook thought they had stumbled upon the release date of the second album of the year.

Fans realised the possibility of another album arriving on the same day as Flying Microtonal Banana (February 24) when the serial numbers on the Flightless Records catalogue skip from ORB’s album Birth (FLT-026) to Gizz’s Flying Microtonal Banana (FLT-028). To the disappointment of fans, it was revealed that FLT-027 was in fact Pipe-eye’s debut Laugh About Life, which is pictured below:

Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 5.36.44 pm

For now, fans will have Flying Microtonal Banana to tie them over until more details emerge about the next four albums directly from the band and their label, Flightless Records.

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