Green Buzzard’s Space Man Rodeo EP is out of this world

The year is 2077. Earth is a distant memory; a baron wasteland ruined by mankind. Dewey Everglow, the anti-hero of the Space Man Rodeo narrative, is on the search for a habitable planet that will support the human race. After being sent out to the rough Arcadian district, Everglow is now lost in space and wishing he could return to the comfort of Earth.

Recounting the Space Man Rodeo story in the form of their second EP is Sydney’s Green Buzzard. The indie-rock band is the individual project of Paddy Harrowsmith, who has previously spent time as a live guitarist of I OH YOU label mates DMA’S.

Space Man Rodeo is a sweeping, cosmic EP, jam-packed with catchy Brit-pop inspired guitar hooks, particularly prominent on the tracks ‘Do You Ever Glow?’ and ‘Never Let Me Go’. The EP consists of 10 tracks, including three transmissions that brilliantly capture the sensation of drifting through space in Everglow’s spaceship. Additionally, the intermissions allow the songs on Space Man Rodeo to cleverly flow into the following.

The guitar-rock scene has been dominated by bands such as DMA’S and Sticky Fingers in recent years, but now, with Space Man Rodeo, Green Buzzard have firmly cemented their name as one of Australia’s most striking bands on the circuit.

Favourite track: ‘Never Let Me Go’

Stream Space Man Rodeo below:

Watch the video for ‘Do You Ever Glow?’:

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