Green Buzzard Announce New EP Space Man Rodeo

Sydney band Green Buzzard have announced a new EP entitled Space Man Rodeo, which will be out on March 3 via Melbourne label I OH YOU.

I OH YOU are home to bands such as Violent Soho, DMA’S and City Calm Down. If the success of those bands are an indication of how good Green Buzzard are going to be, it is worth watching out for the forthcoming EP.

Yesterday, FasterLouder premiered the second cut from Space Man Rodeo, ‘Never Let Me Go’, following on from the first single ‘Do You Ever Glow?‘.

‘Never Let Me Go’ is filled with catchy guitar hooks and has obvious influence from 90s Brit indie-rock/pop; similar to DMA’S. The track will be officially available on January 26.

Space Man Rodeo will be Green Buzzard’s second EP after last year’s Easy Queezy Squeezy. The band’s first single, ‘Zoo Fly‘, came in 2015, not long after they were snapped up by I OH YOU.

1. (Take-Off Transmission)
2. Do You Ever Glow?
3. Tear My Heart Away
4. (Transmission #1)
5. Never Let Me Go
6. Space Control
7. I.D.W.K
8. (Transmission #2)
9. Hypnotized
10. Dream In/Out

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