The Rise of King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard

King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard, the Melbourne-based band with the coolest name in music, have experienced a meteoric rise since they formed in 2010. The psych-rock group debuted in 2011 with the EP Anglesea and have astonishingly followed that up with another eight LP records in the five year period since their debut. The latest album, Nonagon Infinity, has drawn critical acclaim from Pitchfork, among many other music journalism establishments and cemented the band’s position as one of the biggest risers in Australian music.

Over their five year tenure as a band, King Gizzard have built a reputation as an upcoming psychedelic-rock group. However, in King Gizzard’s 2015 album Paper Mâché Dream Balloon, the band adopted an entirely acoustic sound; no electric instruments whatsoever. Instead, the group used instruments such as acoustic guitar, flute and clarinet to name a few. This constructed an album of non-related songs, going against there history of cohesive, connecting albums.With Nonagon Infinity, King Gizzard returned to the concept album blueprint that caught the eye of Australia.

In contrast to Paper Mâché Dream Balloon, King Gizzard use Nonagon Infinity to go back to a sound more familiar with the band, but further than they have ever been before. It would almost be a dishonour to call Nonagon Infinity just a psychedelic-rock album, as King Gizzard put away the acoustics in this project and turned up the amplifiers to their absolute maximum. The re-introduction of electrical instruments has lead to King Gizzard creating a rollicking collection of intense and ‘in your face’ garage-punk music.

The success of Nonagon Infinity has seen the band collaborating with Jason Galea and Danny Cohen to create a Nonagon Infinity visual album. Galea and Cohen have already released parts I, III and IV of the album in Robot Stop, Gamma Knife and People-Vultures. The visual album idea is a creative effort by King Gizzard, but it is not the first time we have seen the concept in 2016. The band may have gained inspiration from mega-star Beyoncè, who released the visual album Lemonade earlier in the year, which was well taken by fans and media, as is the usual for Beyoncè, but it was also the feature album on the radio station triple j, who had never supported Beyoncè’s music previously.

It seems eight albums in five years has not been a prolific period in the eyes of King Gizzard, as they have announced that they are hoping to release an unbelievable four albums in 2017. Although it seems to be somewhat of a pipe dream, the group told triple j they were already working on the four projects. King Gizzard released two albums each in 2013, 2014 and 2015, so the band will have to spend some serious time in the studio to complete all four albums and have them released throughout next year. The band finding a lot of time in the studio looks highly unlikely to happen, as they have only just completed a headline tour of sold-out shows around Australia playing Nonagon Infinity. Also, the group are shipping off to perform their show across Europe and the UK over August and September. Following the overseas tour, King Gizzard have already booked in a performance at Meredith Music Festival in Victoria during December, which may also see them play at other festivals around Australia over New Years to the delight of their fans.

The rise of King Gizzard will almost certainly continue on in 2017 if their four projects that they are currently working on see the light of day, and the band will establish themselves as one of the biggest rock bands in Australia along with huge acts such as Tame Impala among many others.

Listen to Nonagon Infinity below:

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