DMA’S @ Corner Hotel

Australian indie-rockers DMA’S performed three sold out shows at Corner Hotel in Richmond over the Queen’s birthday long weekend on their string of shows in Australia, following their critically acclaimed debut record Hill’s End. The album, which was featured on Triple J in the lead up to its release, includes the hit single ‘Delete’, the track responsible for DMA’S meteoric rise that has since coincided in a European tour and an appearance at USA’s biggest festival, Coachella. To put it short, DMA’S are the real deal.

Although their music is unquestionably infectious, there has been one knock on DMA’S; it’s live performances. To be fair to the band, their music was not primarily created to make crowds fist pump, but they do not necessarily help themselves with their on-stage energy, exemplified at their Coachella performance, where they appeared rather flat as they casually recited their set. For this reason, I didn’t have high expectations for their performance at Corner Hotel.

The performance by DMA’S was better than I expected, but not overwhelmingly good. Lead singer Tommy O’Dell appeared far more animated than in previous performances, which genuinely impacted on the crowd atmosphere and the rest of the band’s liveliness. As a huge fan of DMA’S, it was easy for me to enjoy the night through knowing and loving all of their songs. However, for those audience members without prior knowledge of the band, it may have been less enjoyable – a routine act possibly.

A major difference between this performance and DMA’S Coachella performance was the venue and audience amount. Corner Hotel is a lot smaller than the festival fields of Coachella, with a capacity of around 800, which had a massive effect on the band’s performance. It became clear that DMA’S preferred the smaller, more intimate crowd, as they were able to better interact with the audience. Overall, their music was far more suited to the cosy confines of Corner Hotel and the crowd was evidently satisfied with the show, including myself.

Listen to DMA’S debut album ‘Hill’s End’ below:


Tennyson Tinning

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