RÜFÜS @ Festival Hall

RÜFÜS continued their Bloom album world tour on May 12th in Melbourne at the iconic Festival Hall. This was RÜFÜS’s second show at Festival Hall for the tour, with both shows selling out in quick succession, demonstrating the high demand for the group. Touring alongside RÜFÜS were Byron Bay five-piece Tora and Canadian electronic duo Bob Moses, both groups internationally renowned themselves. The three performances cost $70 per ticket, which some may not classify as ‘cheap’, although, for three acts with huge hype surrounding all of them, it turned out to be a massive bargain and I was more than happy to pay the price.

Tora opened the evening to a small crowd, as they began on the stroke of 7:30pm when the venue had just opened. However, the limited numbers weren’t an issue for the band, as they continued on in a euphoric manner which matched their music. The electronic band were a great way to start the gig, setting the scene for a night where the whole room would be standing and swaying happily to the music, as they energetically spun through popular tracks including ‘Jaigantic’ and their new single ‘Poly Amor’.

Following Tora were popular Canadian group Bob Moses, who were fresh from the biggest festival in the USA, Coachella. The electronic duo continued from where Tora left off, channeling liveliness into the ever-growing crowd in Festival Hall. Bob Moses brought a far different feel throughout the venue, with the lighting a lot darker and restricted than what was seen during Tora. The darkness was accompanied by the deep bass lines of Bob Moses in songs such as ‘Tearing Me Up’, forcing the crowd into a groove that would only grow again once RÜFÜS began.

Festival Hall had filled to capacity at about 9pm and the anticipation could be felt throughout the audience in the moments where Bob Moses left the stage and RÜFÜS were yet to appear. As soon as a small glow emerged on stage, the venue erupted into cheers for the three members of the band. The wait for RÜFÜS was well worth it, with the boys straight up killing their performance. The lighting was on point throughout the entire show, particularly on their epic 10-minute track ‘Innerbloom’, where the build up of flashing lights exploded into a green laser show when the beat dropped. The band entertained the audience with special live renditions of their classic songs from their successful debut album ‘Atlas’ such as ‘Tonight’, as well as the long awaited acts of new anthems such as ‘You Were Right’ and ‘Like an Animal’, which brought the whole venue to their feet.

As a huge fan of RÜFÜS, it was extremely difficult to find any faults from the performance, they were simply that good, which I expected. The only knock I can give was that the venue at times struggled to cope with the sounds produced by the bands, as there was a constant rattle from the roof, but that can also be taken as a compliment on the atmosphere at the gig. Overall, I was definitely satisfied with the price charged and I would do it all again in a heartbeat.

Listen to RÜFÜS’s album Bloom below to get a taste of the night:

Tennyson Tinning

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